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We are a specialist in Forex and Binary Options education and our mission is to breed successful traders. Our main offering is a premium trading service called ‘FX Lounge Binary Options Signal Coaching’. Put simply, we trade and you trade beside us. As we grow our account, you learn how to grow yours. You can use the service for both Binary Options and Forex trading.

jannie_CMSthumbClickWe are a small, warm and friendly training company that was started back in 2012 by Jannie Barwise. Jannie has been trading since 2004 and has produced several successful traders who now also helps identifying opportunities in the member’s area.

Our main goal is for you to start spotting opportunities in the markets yourself and then to become one of our traders posting trading ideas in the member’s area. Once you start posting in the member’s area, you no longer have to pay to be a member, instead you’ll start to earn an income for your contributions.




South Africa
address: 271 Compacta street dorandia, 0182
phone number: (021)8139245
email: jannie@fxloungebinary.com


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